Bioquell Qube, Isolator with Integrated Bio-decontamination

Supplier: Bioquell
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Bioquell Qube, Isolator with Integrated Bio-decontamination
Disinfection Systems
The Bioquell Qube is a configurable isolator integrated with Bioquell’s Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor technology. From its unique design to customizable features, the Bioquell Qube helps ensure your aseptic workspace needs are met for a productive working environment.

  • Integrated with Ecolab Bioquell hydrogen peroxide vapor technology
  • Validated cycles creating 6-log sporicidal kill on exposed surfaces
  • Utilizes EPA registered sterilant 35% w/w aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution (EPA registration number 72372-1-86703)
  • Creates validated Grade A / ISO 5 environment
  • Customize to meet your working needs
  • Configurations up to 6 gloves, 2 material pass-throughs or rapid transfer ports
  • One inch tri-clover port(s) in any chamber
  • integrated options such as sterility test pump from Merck-Millipore
  • 4 levels of environmental monitoring to select from
  • Does not require connection to HVAC
  • Operate a Grade A / ISO 5 environment while hosting in Grade C/D location
  • Operates at positive or negative pressure
  • Designed with RFID label technology for traceability and auditing
  • 21 CFR Part 11 audit trail compliance package
  • Can be manufactured, installed and validated in 16 weeks from order date
  • Bio-decontaminate incoming materials while working in another chamber
  • No construction or electrical work required for installation
  • Cycle recording (thermal printer and solutions for real time cycle data, including electronic records in pdf format)
  • Supports GMP compliance

The Bioquell Qube delivers efficiency, reliability, and ease of implementation to your aseptic environment. Unlike traditional stainless steel Isolators, the Bioquell Qube system is modular and made from a hardwearing plastic mold, offering distinct tangible benefits. Because of its manufactured method,
production of the system is quicker, consistently crafted, ergonomically designed, and minimizes the risks of leaks associated with welds, joints, and gaskets found in other Isolators.With initial cycles for testing being standardized, validation is rapid. This means that clients can have a fully implemented and validated system in as little as 16 weeks from the initial order. Compared to stainless steel the Bioquell Qube weighs significantly less and offers greater maneuverability. Combining these benefits with its small footprint allows any configuration to fit through most doorways and only requires a standard outlet to function, saving clients from considerable operational downtime and potential construction costs.

Capable of running at either positive or negative pressure the Bioquell Qube can operate without being ducted into the HVAC as airflow is managed internally. If hazardous materials are being used, there is an option for external venting. Within the Bioquell Qube an aseptic environment is created using Ecolab’s integrated bio-decontamination technology, with Bioquell Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilant* and it can retain an aseptic hold for at least 7 days.

While it creates a grade A / ISO 5 equivalent workspace in the isolator, the system can reside in a lower grade cleanroom saving gowning time and operating costs. Each Bioquell Qube can be tailored to your requirements now and at a later date. It's modular design allows you to add or change configurations as needed.

Technicians enjoy working with a Bioquell Qube because it has been designed with their comfort as a core feature, aiding in a highly optimized and thoroughly efficient workflow. At all times users have full traceability and quality control through RFID tags on hydrogen peroxide bottles, environmental monitoring, and integrated cycle reports providing detailed cycle parameters.

Optional capacity for 21 CFR part 11 compliant logging software is available as well. The flexibility of the Bioquell Qube doesn't stop at it's modular capability and hydrogen peroxide vapor technology, it also offers seamless integration options such as incorporating the world's leading sterility test pump from Merck Millipore, four options of environmental monitoring, complete racking solutions for various load configurations of supplies, rapid transfer port, integrated screen and camera for recording and displaying worksheets, an easy-to-use glove integrity test system, and safe sort prescription towers.
With the capability to work in up to two modules while incoming supplies are bio-decontaminated, the Bioquell Qube allows for a dynamic and highly efficient workflow.
A comprehensive solution utilizing hydrogen peroxide vapor bio-decontamination with industry-leading technology and ergonomic design, the Bioquell Qube provides an ideal alternative to traditional stainless steel isolators. Whether you work in sterility testing, drug compounding, or gene and cell therapy, the Bioquell Qube is an efficient, reliable, and easy to implement system for the bio-pharmaceutical laboratory research and biotechnology industries.
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