Bioquell Room CI

Supplier: Bioquell
76635-444CS 612 USD
Bioquell Room CI
Sterilization Indicators
Bioquell offers different indicators to help you to verify bio-decontamination cycle completion and effectiveness. Chemical indicators (CI) can help you to verify a bio-decontamination cycle has achieved the expected vapor distribution and exposure. The Bioquell Room CI is for rooms greater than 10m3

  • rapid-read chemical indicators for Ecolab Bioquell hydrogen peroxide vapor bio-decontamination
  • easy-to- read color changing results for rooms and enclosed areas greater than 10m3
  • Quickly confirm expected vapor distribution and exposure performance.

Confirm that a Bioquell cycle has achieved the expected vapor distribution and exposure performance with these easy-to-read Bioquell Room CIs (Chemical Indicators). A chemical strip reacts to a Bioquell cycle and changes color to correlate with the cycle's actual vapor exposure. For use in rooms and enclosed areas 10m3 and larger.
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