Mateo TL Microscopes, Leica Microsystems

Supplier: Leica
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Mateo TL Microscopes, Leica Microsystems
For researchers who need consistent experimental outcomes, Mateo TL enables all lab members to check and document cell growth status conveniently and comfortably.

  • Get started right away with a ready-to-use system
  • Go from setup to first image in under 1 minute
  • Wirelessly transfer images directly to your smartphone or tablet
  • Get consistent confluency measurements with one common tool (requires software license)

Measure confluency consistently, thereby increasing the confidence in the success of their downstream experiments.

Ordering information: Wifi dongle is optional but highly recommended to enable file sharing to smart devices.

Delivery information: Mateo TL comes equipped with a 6 MP CMOS color camera, digital display, wireless mouse, 2 long working distance objectives (4× and 10×), encoded brightfield and phase rings, a S40 condenser, 3 USB ports and power cable.
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