Fibercoll-Flex-A® Acidic Bioink, Viscofan Bioengineering

Supplier: Viscofan Bioengineering

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Fibercoll-Flex-A® Acidic Bioink, Viscofan Bioengineering
Fibercoll-Flex-A® is a fibrillary bovine collagen type I for 3D printing of solid forms with high shape fidelity. The invivo like collagen has high mechanical strength and requires no crosslinking or curing. Stiffness can be regulated by concentration and cells are seeded on top of the scaffold.

  • Fibrillar collagen type I
  • No curing step
  • 1 year self life
  • Store at 2 to 8 °C

As the only fibrillary collagen bioinks in the market, Fibercoll-Flex® products consist of pure type I collagen fibers with high mechanical strength that enable easy printing without a methacrylation curing step. The stable 3D models are highly biocompatible and represent invivo like scaffolds for cell adherence and remodeling in tissue engineering or regenerative medicine.

The kit offers a broad range of applications in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. The technical specifications of Fibercoll-Flex® bioinks and the ease of use enable novel and flexible solutions in bioprinting of 3D models, such as complex tissues, tumor models, substitute for animal models, cell based assays for screening, and 3D scaffolds for biomedical research.

The acidic Fibercoll-Flex-A® bioink enables the printing of solid forms with exceptional shape fidelity at a higher stiffness range than the Fibercoll-Flex-N®. 3D models are neutralized after printing and cells seeded on top of the scaffold. The native fibrillary collagen type I represents an excellent invivo like scaffold that promotes cell performance. Tunable stiffness between 2 to 10 kPa.

Certifications: DIN ISO 9001.

Ordering information: Kit includes TE buffer, mixing syringe, and printing needle. Drop shipped on blue ice.

Caution: Research use only.
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