EnzyFluo™ Custom Cell-Based ELISA Kit, BioAssay Systems

Supplier: BioAssay Systems
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EnzyFluo™ Custom Cell-Based ELISA Kit, BioAssay Systems
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A reagent kit that allows our customers to develop their own cell-based ELISA. All that is required is a primary mouse antibody (Ab1).

  • New and improved: Total assay time reduced from the standard 9 hours to 5 hours
  • Simple and convenient: Cells are directly cultured in 96-well plates, no cell lysis necessary
  • Accurate: Protein phosphorylation is normalized to total cellular protein in the same well
  • Method: Cell-Based ELISA (FL530/585 nm, 360/450 nm)
  • Samples: Cells
  • Species: human, mouse, rat and more, depending on choice of primary antibody

Many biological processes are regulated by changing the concentration and/or activity of proteins in the cell. A rapid assay capable of monitoring such changes is highly desirable in life science research and drug discovery. BioAssay Systems' Custom Cell-based ELISA Kit provides a rapid and sensitive starter tool for measuring the relative content of any target protein in cultured cells. Only a target-specific, primary mouse antibody (Ab1) for the protein of interest is needed to run the assay. This simple and efficient assay eliminates the need for cell lysate preparation and can be used to determine a particular protein content, or signaling pathway activity and effects of treatments by e.g. drugs, inhibitors, siRNA or activators. In this assay, cells grown in a 96-well plate are fixed and permeabilized.

The target protein is measured using your own Ab1 followed by a HRP-conjugated secondary antibody with a fluorogenic substrate, and a fluorescent reagent that measures the total protein in the same well. This convenient kit provides all necessary reagents for the user to develop their own assay. Upon request, BioAssay Systems can also custom develop it for the user.
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