EnzyFluo™ Human/Mouse Rps6(S235/236) Phosphorylation ELISA, BioAssay Systems

Supplier: BioAssay Systems
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EnzyFluo™ Human/Mouse Rps6(S235/236) Phosphorylation ELISA, BioAssay Systems
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Determination of RPS6(S235/236) phosphorylation status in whole cells and evaluation of pathway modulation by activators, inhibitors, siRNA etc.

  • New and improved: Total assay time reduced from the standard 9 to 5 hours
  • Simple and convenient: Cells are directly cultured in 96-well plates, no cell lysis necessary
  • Accurate: Protein phosphorylation is normalized to total cellular protein in the same well
  • Method: Cell-Based ELISA (FL530/585 nm, 360/450 nm)
  • Samples: Cells
  • Species: human, rat and mouse

PROTEIN PHOSPHORYLATION plays key roles in regulating protein activity within cells. A large number of protein kinases and phosphatases are known to be involved in a variety of signal transduction pathways. A rapid assay capable of monitoring such signal transduction pathways, target protein phosphorylation status and drug effects is highly desirable in life science research and drug discovery.

Ribosomal Protein S6 (RPS6) is one of the ribosomal proteins of the 40S subunit of eukaryotic ribosomes. RPS6 plays important roles in biosynthesis of cell's translational apparatus, a critical component for cell growth and proliferation. BioAssay Systems' RPS6(S235/236) Phosphorylation ELISA Kit provides a rapid and sensitive assay for measuring the phosphorylated protein pRPS6(S235/236) in cultured cells and normalizes the level of phosphorylation to the total protein content in the same well.

This simple and efficient assay eliminates the need for cell lysate preparation and can be used to study the underlying signal pathway and effects of inhibitors, siRNA or activators on the pathway. In this assay, cells grown in a 96-well plate are fixed and permeabilized. The phosphorylation of RPS6(S235/236) is measured using a specific primary antibody followed by a HRP-conjugated secondary antibody with a fluorogenic substrate, and a fluorescent reagent that measures the total protein in the same well.
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