Eisco Ticker Tape Timers

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Eisco Ticker Tape Timers
Timers Mechanical Timers
Measure the speed and acceleration of objects by counting the number of dots in a measured length of ticker tape.

  • Mechanical timer device
  • 60 Hz (mains power frequency)
  • Timer size: 4.5L×3W×1.5" H
  • Tape length: 50 m
  • Tape width: 16 mm
  • Carbon disk Ø: 50 mm

An easy way to analyze the motion of objects in physics classrooms is to utilize a ticker tape timer to measure speed and acceleration. Ticker tape is threaded through this device and secured to the object of study. When that object is in motion, the tape moves through the device and a trail of dots are placed at regular time intervals on the tape. Transit time is calculated by counting the number of dots in a measured length.

This ticker tape timer produces 50 to 60 dots per second depending on the main frequency of the power supply (not included). The ticker tape timer is housed in a tough, molded plastic case and features a tape guide, carbon disc plug which can be moved to maximize the use of the discs, and a 1.25" mounting bracket attached to the bottom.

Ordering information: A 12 V AC power supply and banana plug jumper wires are required but not included.

Delivery information: Timer is supplied with one 50 m roll of 16 mm wide tape, a box of 100 carbon disks, and instructions. Replacement ticker tape and carbon disks are also available separately.
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