Klercide™ Low Residue Peroxide

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Klercide™ Low Residue Peroxide
Cleaning Agents Disinfectants
Klercide™ Low Residue Peroxide is a sterile hydrogen peroxide solution with low residues designed for pharmaceutical cleanrooms.

  • Powerful Cleaning and Residue Removal - Designed specifically for use in cleanrooms and other controlled areas where a low-residue product is required, providing an effective alternative to IPA in general cleaning protocols.
  • Low Residue, No-Rinse Use - Low-residue formulation enables highly effective cleaning and reside removal — without the need to wipe down with alcohol or water afterwards — streamlining cleaning protocols.
  • Ready-to-Use Formats - Available in trigger spray and capped bottle formats — all designed to reduce handling and need for dilution, to streamline cleaning protocols and reduce cost-to-clean.
  • Sterile Delivery System - Trigger-spray format features patented SteriShield™ Delivery System (SDS), providing sterility assurance of contents in bottle by forming a complete seal that prevents any air from (microbial or chemical contaminants) being drawn back into the bottle.
  • Cleanroom-Grade Sterile Production - Solution is 0.2 micron-filtered and filled under unidirectional Grade A / ISO Class 7 airflow in a Grade B / ISO Class 5 cleanroom — and double-bagged to simplify movement into high-grade areas. Supported with Certificates of Analysis and Sterility with every batch.

For use in cleaning and removing residues, Klercide™ Low Residue Peroxide is suitable for use on all types of hard surfaces in cleanrooms, controlled environments, and isolators. The product is a blend of high grade 6% hydrogen peroxide and Water for Injection (WFI).

Klercide Low Residue Peroxide is a 0.2 micron filtered, bagged and terminally sterilized by gamma irradiation. Endotoxin tested to an approved pharmacopeia method.
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