Klercide™ Cleanroom Quat

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Klercide™ Cleanroom Quat
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Klercide Cleanroom Quat™ is a sterile quaternary ammonium compound solution specifically designed for pharmaceutical cleanrooms. Klercide Cleanroom Quat™ is Uniquely formulated to minimize residues and reduce rinsing frequency.

  • Efficacy - Can be effectively used as a sanitizer on hard, non-porous surfaces – formulated for use in cleanrooms, critical manufacturing environments, and other controlled areas.
  • Minimal-Residue Quat Formulation - Active quaternary ammonium molecule is efficacious and has non-corrosive material compatibility. It accumulates significantly less residue. This product is a non-food contact sanitizer for use on hard, non-porous surfaces, making it ideal for daily use in cleanrooms.
  • Minimize Residue Associated Risk - Non-phenolic formulation. Reduced residue mitigates slip-and-fall risks associated with sticky residue buildup.
  • Cleanroom-Grade Production - Solution is 0.2 micron-filtered and aseptically-filled under unidirectional Grade A / ISO Class 5 air-flow in a Grade B / ISO Class 5 cleanroom — and double-bagged to simplify movement into high-grade areas. Supported with Certificates of Analysis and Sterility with every batch.

For routine use on hard surfaces within Cleanrooms, Klercide™ Cleanroom Quat is a ready-to-use biocide that is efficacious at low concentration, resulting in minimal residues and residue accumulation. Streamline cleaning protocols in high-grade cleanroom and critical manufacturing environments by reducing rinsing frequency with an active quaternary ammonium formulation that delivers efficacious cleaning and sanitization at low concentrations.

The product is 0.2 micron filtered and bagged in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom.

EPA Registered Sanitizer.

EPA Reg. # 1677-257
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