VWR® C-Leg Lab Benches, Frame only, Snow White

Supplier: Avantor
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VWR® C-Leg Lab Benches, Frame only, Snow White
Furniture Tables and Workbenches
VWR® lab benches are ergonomically designed to meet the needs of laboratory personnel. There are many possible adjustments, all components fit together seamlessly, and each detail is designed for real world functionality.

  • Snow white frame
  • Ergonomic and highly adaptable to the needs of the user
  • Flexible, modular design
  • Offering a wide range of accessories to meet any need
  • Various concept workbench sizes and combinations
  • Height adjustment available either electrically (electric motor height adjustment) or with a hand crank or an Allen key
  • A wide range of accessories and add-ons, making concept workbenches easy to customize
  • Impressive stability with its steel frame and maximum load capacity of 1100 lbs.
  • Cleanroom suitability ISO class 7

The lab bench adapts to the work process and the needs of the user. As a result, all movements of the user can be optimized, which in turn increases performance and productivity and decreases work-related stress. VWR® lab benches are height adjustable in manual, motorized and hand crank versions. All bench frames can be equipped with casters to create a mobile workstation solution.

Accessories information: Upright accessories can be added in any position along the upright in 1" increments. Some accessories are bench style or size dependent.

Ordering information: Worksurface is sold separately. Manual, hand crank, and motorized frame styles are available, as well as several configurations, including frame only, frame + top, frame + top + uprights, frame + top + uprights + shelves, and frames with notches for uprights (all sold separately). Contact your Avantor representative for more information. Frames with notches for uprights (sold separately) are required for upright and shelf accessories. Notched work surfaces add 2.625" to depth of table frame. Work surfaces for single bay uprights include 2 notches (left and right); work surfaces for double bay uprights include 3 notches (left, center, right). Tables ship LTL, flat-packed. Installation not included.

Packaging: Benches are shipped knocked down, on non-stackable pallets. Assembly instructions and hardware included.
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