Inverted Microscope Packages, DMi8, Leica Microsystems

Supplier: Leica
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76575-540EA 127364.49 USD
76575-540 76575-542 CA76575-540 CA76575-542 76575-538 CA76575-538
Inverted Microscope Packages, DMi8, Leica Microsystems
The Leica DMi8 inverted microscope is a complete solution, from routine to live cell research.

  • Highly flexible: modular design lets the DMi8 grow with you as your research changes
  • See more: increase your viewing area up to 10000× with LAS × Navigator
  • See faster: experiments up to 5× faster with Synapse

These three DMi8 packages cover a range of applications and budgets. The completely manual system is ideal for basic documentation. With a motorized focus, researchers can start to build three dimensional image stacks of thick samples. And finally, with a motorized focus and scanning stage, large areas of interest can be acquired and automatically stitched. The DMi8 is highly modular, so you can always add different objective lenses, light sources, stages, and cameras as your research changes.

Ordering information: For more information on choosing the right DMi8 package for you, please contact your local Avantor representative.
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