VWR® Lab Tables

Supplier: Avantor
VB362460-GK WB363636-GK VB362472-GK WB363060-GK VB36R012436-BK WB362436-GK VB362448-GK WB363672-GK VB363072-GK VB363660-GK WB362472-GK VB363672-GK VB36R012448-BK WB363072-GK WB363660-GK WB363648-GK VB36R013048-BK VB363036-GK WB363036-GK VB36R013636-BK VB363048-GK WB362448-GK VB36R012460-BK VB363648-GK VB36R013036-BK VB363636-GK VB36R013672-BK VB36R013660-BK VB36R013060-BK WB362460-GK VB363060-GK WB363048-GK VB362436-GK VB36R013072-BK VB36R013648-BK VB36R012472-BK
VB362460-GKEA 2050 USD
VB362460-GK VB363048-GK VB363648-GK WB363072-GK VB36R012448-BK VB36R013636-BK VB36R013048-BK VB363636-GK WB363672-GK VB363060-GK VB36R013648-BK VB363660-GK VB362472-GK VB362448-GK WB363036-GK VB36R013672-BK VB36R013036-BK VB362436-GK VB36R013072-BK WB363648-GK VB363672-GK VB363072-GK WB363048-GK VB36R012472-BK VB36R013660-BK WB363636-GK WB362460-GK WB362448-GK VB36R013060-BK VB363036-GK WB363060-GK VB36R012460-BK VB36R012436-BK WB362436-GK WB363660-GK WB362472-GK
VWR® Lab Tables
Furniture Tables and Workbenches
A four leg, flexible lab table system designed for any application.

  • Powder coated steel
  • Chemical resistant epoxy resin
  • Optional shelving
  • Optional casters
  • Accepts suspended cabinets
  • Accepts fixtures (with uprights)
  • 1000 lbs. capacity

This table system includes a number of accessories that can be added very easily, creating your ideal workstation.

Certifications: SEFA tested (SEFA 3 and 10).

Ordering information: Work tops and table frames are sold separately. Tables shipped knocked down, and will need assembly. Professional Assembly is highly recommended.
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