Bond Elut Cyano (CN) Plates, Agilent Technologies

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
Bond Elut™
A496041C A496041C
AGA496041CEA 422 USD
AGA496041C CAAGA496041C
Bond Elut Cyano (CN) Plates, Agilent Technologies
Microplates Solid Phase Extraction Plates (SPE)
Bond Elut Cyano is a medium-polarity phase available in endcapped and unendcapped forms.

  • Bond Elut (CN-E) ideal for extracting very nonpolar, aqueous analytes
  • Bond Elut (CN-U) retains polar compounds in nonpolar solvents
  • Suitable for many applications

Bond Elut Cyano (CN) is available as endcapped (CN-E) or unendcapped (CN-U) medium polarity sorbents. Bond Elut Cyano (CN-E) can be used effectively with extremely nonpolar analytes that would be irreversibly retained by C8 and C18 sorbents. This sorbent is best applied to aqueous samples.

Bond Elut Cyano (CN-U) can be used to extract very polar compounds that would be retained by SI or Diol (2OH) phases. It is suitable for handling polar analytes in nonpolar matrices including oils or hexane.
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