VersaPlate Plates, Agilent Technologies

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
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VersaPlate Plates, Agilent Technologies
Microplates Solid Phase Extraction Plates (SPE)
Versa plate allows you to customize with different numbers of samples or sorbent phase types.

  • Choose the level of automation that best suits your needs while you use the 96-well plate format or create your own customized plates
  • Develop an SPE method faster, using liquid handling automation or multichannel pipettes, or use individual tubes to quickly work out method conditions and transfer to 96-well processing
  • Use only the number of wells you need for each run to save on sample preparation costs, while still enjoying all the benefits of automation
  • Increased well depth reduces the risk of overflow, and flangeless, beveled rims provide a tight fit. This helps avoid cross contamination
  • Scale up using the exact same product that was used with small scale development

The VersaPlate allows you to process more samples in less time with less waste. In its 96-well format, tubes are removable, making this system simpler to use and far more flexible than conventional 96-well formats. You can customize the configuration to different numbers of samples.
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