Bürkle Polypropylene Hand-Operated Drum Pumps

Supplier: VWR International
5600-1251 5600-1501 5600-0801 5600-1001
MFLX06043-63EA 227.81 USD
MFLX06043-63 MFLX06043-65 MFLX06043-67 MFLX06043-69
Bürkle Polypropylene Hand-Operated Drum Pumps
Pumps Drum/transfer Pumps
Quickly transfer liquids from barrels, canisters, or tanks.

  • Efficiently remove residual liquid from the container with adjustable immersion depth
  • Withstands temperatures up to 104 °F (40 °C)
  • No-hassle maintenance-free drum pump

These drum pumps are suitable for liquid transfer from containers with a capacity of 60 to 1000 L. The flow capacity of these pumps is approximately 12 L/min. The drum pump is securely fastened to a barrel with the barrel screw joint, to ensure a fitted seal. A low-mounted nonreturn valve allows for efficient and complete removal of the fluid from the barrel. The inlet tube can be steplessly adjusted using the barrel screw joints to guarantee the removal of residual liquid from the container.

There are two drum pump options to choose from—made of either polypropylene or polypropylene (PP) and PVC wetted materials, both with PTFE seals. The good chemical resistance of polypropylene allows for the transfer of acids, alkalis, and aggressive detergents. The drum pumps with rigid discharge tube feature a spout-type outlet. The drum pumps with flexible PVC hose and stopcock are suitable for fluid transfer in which the outlet container is further from the filling container. The stopcock also allows for on/off fluid control.

The inlet tube is connected to the barrel with the barrel screw connection (sold separately). The three 2” fine thread screw joints are 06043-78 (PP), 06043-82 (brass), and 06043-83 (stainless steel). Barrel bung adapter 06043-79, made of PVC, can be used for various openings with a diameter of 40 to 70 mm.
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