Abaque™ Peristaltic Hose Pumps

Supplier: Abaque
HDN40-R3-U2 (25 RPM) 131226-929524 HDN20-R3-U2 (73 RPM) 131215-929523 HDN20-R3-812003-929523
MFLX75810-05EA 5336 USD
MFLX75810-05 MFLX75810-06 MFLX75810-09
Abaque™ Peristaltic Hose Pumps
Pumps Positive Displacement Pumps
Pump with confidence with a standard configured system or a custom one.

  • High performance: Seal-less design eliminates leaks and product contamination, and have the ability to run dry continuously without adversely affecting the pump’s performance, pressure, and accuracy (no slip).
  • Reliability: The Abaque pump has none of the usual parts that create problems on other pumps: seats, valves, mechanical seals. The hose is the only replacement part.
  • Handling of the toughest pumping challenges, including extremely abrasive and aggressive fluids, solid loaded liquids, as well as shear sensitive and viscous materials
  • Maximum Discharge Pressure: Models 75810-01 through 75810-06 - 109 PSI(7.5 bar); All other models - 232 PSI(16 bar)

Pumping action is achieved by compression of a circular loop of elastomeric hose with two diametrically opposed rotating shoes. With this rotational motion fluid is pushed ahead inside a hose which is compressed and relaxed by shoes mounted on a rotor. When each shoes reaches the end of the loop, the reinforced tube immediately returns to its original shape, thereby ensuring suction and priming, creating a strong vacuum pulling more fluid inside.

• Ceramic: ceramic slips, mold filling, filter press
• Mining: sludge, clay slurry, lead sulfate, pyrite slurry
• Water Treatment: lime liquor, flocculate dispersion, sludge and slurries
• Building Industry: liquid or fibrous mortar, liquid plaster, light concrete
• Chemical Industry: acid, alcohol, detergent pumping
• Paint & Coatings: water base and acrylic paint, pigments, wall coating
• Filter Press: filling and pressing
• Paper Industry: latex, slurries, kaolin
• Food Industry: tomato sauce, mashed potatoes, gelatin, beer slurries, fish paste
• Balneology: thermal muds
• Others: glue, liquid salt, seed fertilizer

Available options
• Leak detector
• Vacuum kit
• Non-metallic inserts (PPH, PVDF)
• Pulsation dampener

Hose Materials
• Natural rubber: Highly resilient with excellent abrasion resistance and strength.
• Buna (NBR): Highly wear resistant to oily products (FDA approved).
• EPDM: High chemical resistance, especially with concentrated acids, alcohols, and ketones.
• CSM: Resistant to chemicals. High resistance to oxidants, as well as to concentrated bases and acids.
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