Almatec Air-driven Postive Displacement Pumps

Supplier: Almatec
MFLX77980-01EA 881 USD
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Almatec Air-driven Postive Displacement Pumps
Pumps Positive Displacement Pumps
German precision engineered AODD pumps to get your application up and flowing.

  • Metal-free air-operated double diaphragm pumps

The heart of the AODD is the air-valve and thoughtful German engineering went into the development of the precision control PERSWING P® air valve and its Air Distribution System (ADS). Resulting in a metal-free, pneumatically pilot-operated PERSWING P® (ADS) that ensures accurate reversal of the main piston and offers low noise levels, minimal maintenance and lube-free operation (due to two moving parts).

Almatec plastic pumps feature a solid body construction made out of virgin grade PE or PTFE materials that support the forces generated within a reciprocating pump. The high static mass leads to maximum process fluid containment and eliminates the need for external metal parts that would otherwise be used. The mechanical machining of a solid plastic block is economical thanks to modern CNC technology, enabling tight tolerances and maximum value. Almatec also feature best-in-class diaphragms that provide a smooth profile that is uninterrupted by any seals, maximizing containment and clean-ability. The diaphragms are designed to simplify assembly, reduce air consumption and optimize performance.
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