Burkert Type 3233 316L Stainless Steel Diaphragm Valve

Supplier: Burkert
446545 (D051) 447980 (D051) 446550 (D051) 553269 (D051) 445888 445853 558789 (D051) 445838 445843 445833 447975 (D051) 292027 321142 445848
MFLX98516-66EA 1591.2 USD
MFLX98516-66 MFLX98516-76 MFLX98516-32 MFLX98516-42 MFLX98516-64 MFLX98516-62 MFLX98516-40 MFLX98516-60 MFLX98516-70 MFLX98516-28 MFLX98516-38 MFLX98516-58 MFLX98516-68 MFLX98516-56
Burkert Type 3233 316L Stainless Steel Diaphragm Valve
Valves Diaphragm Valves
Fluids are hermetically sealed from operating system.

  • Zero dead volume
  • Autoclavable

Choose from EPDM or PTFE wetted materials and sanitary or weld end connections. These compact, manually-operated diaphragm valves consist of a flow-optimized stainless steel body, diaphragm, and a manual actuator. The diaphragm is both a switch element and a sealing element and can be easily replaced. The valves have no dead volume and can be mounted to be self-draining — this enables high flow capacities and a variety of applications to be realized. The flow can be continually adjusted with the handwheel, making these valves extremely useful in applications in the food industry, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical markets.
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