Seepex Variable-Speed Progressing Cavity Pump Heads and Pumps

Supplier: Seepex
MDP 012-12 56C-BARESHAFT MD 0005-24 - AC EPT VFD MDCS 0005-24 56C-BARESHA MDC 012-12 - AC EPT VFD MD 05-6LT - AC EPT VFD MD 006-12 - AC EPT VFD MDP 003-12 56C-BARESHAFT MDS 025-12T 56C-BARESHAF MDP 006-12 56C-BARESHAFT MDC 006-12 - AC EPT VFD MD 012-12 - AC EPT VFD MDS 0005-24 56C-BARESHAF MD 025-12T - AC EPT VFD MD 0015-24 - AC EPT VFD MDCS 0015-24 56C-BARESHA MDP 012-12 - AC EPT VFD MDS 05-6LT 56C-BARESHAFT MDS 0015-24 56C-BARESHAF MDS 006-12 56C-BARESHAFT MD 003-12 - AC EPT VFD MD 025-6L - AC EPT VFD
MFLX76804-60EA 6620 USD
MFLX76804-60 MFLX76804-47 MFLX76804-03 MFLX76804-36 MFLX76804-37 MFLX76804-05 MFLX76804-07 MFLX76804-61 MFLX76804-40 MFLX76804-73 MFLX76804-74 MFLX76804-30 MFLX76804-41 MFLX76804-31 MFLX76804-42 MFLX76804-43 MFLX76804-44 MFLX76804-33 MFLX76804-45 MFLX76804-46 MFLX76804-13
Seepex Variable-Speed Progressing Cavity Pump Heads and Pumps
Pumps Positive Displacement Pumps
Excellent chemical resistance, pulseless flow, and low shear.

  • Gentle low-shear fluid transfer capable of pumping small particles without damaging product
  • Pumps can handle a variety of polymers and chemicals—ideal for pharmaceutical and water treatment applications
  • Sanitary models approved for 3A sanitary applications and can be cleaned in place

Pump heads can be mounted on a NEMA 56C frame motor. Pump heads can also be directly connected or belt driven by an AC or DC motor, gasoline engine (min. 2 hp), or air motor.

Pumps are close-coupled to an AC motor with an integral VFD controller. The VFD controller features a “hands-off-auto” switch, providing speeds from 30 to 600 rpm.

Pumps feature a ½-hp motor with 230/460 VAC input power. This configuration has a mechanical variable-speed drive that adjusts from 0 to 1000 rpm.

Options are broken up into an industrial and a sanitary categories. Other elastomers are avialble, please contact an Applications Specialts for additional information.
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