Masterflex® Sanitary Tri-Clamp® Sock Screen Gaskets, Avantor®

Supplier: Avantor Fluid Handling
SSG-SFY-S-300-16SS SSG-SFY-L-300-16SS SSG-PX-S-300-16SS SSG-E-L-200-16SS SSG-U-L-150-10SS SSG-E-L-200-10SS SSG-PX-L-150-10SS SSG-E-S-300-16SS SSG-E-S-200-16SS SSG-PX-L-200-10SS SSG-PX-L-300-16SS SSG-SFY-S-200-16SS SSG-U-S-300-16SS SSG-E-S-150-16SS SSG-PX-S-200-16SS SSG-PX-L-200-16SS SSG-U-L-200-10SS SSG-E-L-300-10SS SSG-U-L-200-16SS SSG-U-S-150-16SS SSG-U-S-200-16SS SSG-SFY-S-150-16SS SSG-SFY-L-200-16SS SSG-PX-S-150-16SS
MFLX30563-60EA 102 USD
MFLX30563-60 MFLX30563-76 MFLX30563-44 MFLX30563-22 MFLX30563-00 MFLX30563-78 MFLX30563-24 MFLX30563-02 MFLX30563-68 MFLX30563-46 MFLX30563-62 MFLX30563-40 MFLX30563-42 MFLX30563-64 MFLX30563-20 MFLX30563-18 MFLX30563-08 MFLX30563-36 MFLX30563-48 MFLX30563-04 MFLX30563-26 MFLX30563-16 MFLX30563-38 MFLX30563-06
Masterflex® Sanitary Tri-Clamp® Sock Screen Gaskets, Avantor®
Seals Gaskets
Greater particulate capacity for higher particulate flow.

  • Ideal for tank-to-tank transfer lines, inline fluid conditioning, and pump protection
  • Greater capacity than standard screen gaskets, so less down time for the fluid line

Sock screen gaskets extend the run time in your lines between changing out and cleaning standard screen gaskets. Featuring an extended sock-shaped mesh with 300% more surface area, these gaskets are ideal for lines with higher particular counts and greater flow volumes. Gaskets are available in platinum-cured silicone, EPDM, FKM elastomer, and Buna N. Choose from two sizes of mesh, 10 or 16. Gaskets are compliant with USP Class VI, FDA compliant, and cGMP requirements and meet ASME-BPE and USDA sanitary standards. All gaskets are animal-derived ingredient-free.
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