+GF+ Signet Insertion Magmeter Flow Sensors

Supplier: GF Signet
3-2551-P1-11 3-2551-P0-11 3-2551-P0-22 3-2551-P1-22 3-2551-P0-21 3-2551-P0-12 3-2551-P1-21
MFLX32486-51EA 2793.1 USD
MFLX32486-51 MFLX32486-50 MFLX32486-52 MFLX32486-54 MFLX68874-33 MFLX68874-31 MFLX32486-49
+GF+ Signet Insertion Magmeter Flow Sensors
Flow Meters
Accurate measurement even in dirty liquids.

  • Bi-directional flow
  • No moving parts
  • No pressure drop

These Signet magmeters are an insertion-style magnetic flow sensor that features no moving parts. The unique sensor design provides long-term reliability with minimal maintenance. Typical applications include flow monitoring and control in chemical processing, water and wastewater management, pool and spa monitoring, irrigation control, and water distribution. Use together with the Signet installation fittings on page 747 for automatic sensor alignment and insertion depth. Use the +GF+ Signet fittings on page 747 for installation, and the +GF+ Signet flow monitors and controllers on pages 764 to 765 for full installation options.

These versatile, simple-to-install sensors deliver accurate flow measurement over a wide dynamic range in pipe sizes ranging from ½” to 8”, satisfy
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