Submersible Pumps for Corrosive/Acid Sumps

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MFLX75500-80EA 1390.33 USD
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Submersible Pumps for Corrosive/Acid Sumps
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Only electric submersible pump with entire motor encapsulated in Noryl®.

  • Noryl material never rusts and provides excellent resistance against acids and alkalis
  • Compact and lightweight—only 13-1⁄2 lbs—with convenient carrying handle
  • Virtually unbreakable

These pumps can easily be installed in a sump and are ideal for safeguarding vaults, emptying tanks, or pumping out ponds. The unique dual-port design virtually eliminates kinks in your hose; use vertical port for deep/narrow places or use the horizontal port for shallow/wide applications. Thermal breaker incorporated in motor windings shuts off power before over-heating occurs due to locked rotor or long periods of running dry.

For permanent installation, temperature should not exceed 135 °F (57 °C). For intermittent use, submerge less than 20 minutes in 195 °F (90 °C) maximum.
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