Walchem High Stroke-Frequency Diaphragm Metering Pumps

Supplier: Walchem
MFLX74126-30EA 576.31 USD
MFLX74126-30 MFLX74127-30 MFLX74125-15 MFLX74126-35 MFLX74125-00 MFLX74126-00 MFLX74127-22 MFLX74126-10 MFLX74126-20
Walchem High Stroke-Frequency Diaphragm Metering Pumps
Pumps Solenoid/Electronic Diaphragm Pumps
Small pump cavity, two check valves, and high stroke frequency combine for superb self-priming and degassing properties.

  • Pumps provide up to 360 strokes per minute for smooth, efficient operation
  • Pumps prime within seconds of being turned on; prime is maintained by two check valves (one on each side)
  • Pump housing is IP65 rated

These Walchem high stroke-frequency diaphragm metering pumps provide smooth operation combined with self-priming capabilities within seconds. These pumps are available in three options—choose from manual control, remote control, or programmable remote control models.

Manual control pumps are ideal for general applications. They feature manual adjustment of stroke frequency and fixed stroke length via a digital keypad (360:1 turndown). For easy access, control modules are detachable.

Remote control pumps feature digitally adjustable speed control and manual adjustable stroke length (1800:1 turndown). Input and output signals include external pulse input control, stop and presto inputs, and stop and pulse outputs.

Programmable remote control pumps allow you to program the pump speed and input settings using the alphanumeric display and four-button keypad. Control modules are detachable for easy access and remote capabilities. Pumps have digitally adjustable speed control and manual adjustable stroke length (1800:1 turndown). External input control is offered via a pulse input or analog signal. The analog signal is fully programmable. The digital mode allows you to multiply or divide external pulse by a factor of 1 to 999.
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