CPC® Non-Spill Quick-Disconnect Fittings, Bodies and Inserts

Supplier: CPC (Colder Products Company)
NS4D17002 25PK NS4D10004BSPT 25PK NS6D10008 (1/PK) NS4D24004BSPT NS6D42008 NS4D22002 1879800 NS6D40008 NS4D24004 NS6D17006 (1/PK) NS4D22006 (1/PK) NS4D10004 NS4D42004 NS4D42006 NS6D17008 (1/PK) NS4D22002 25PK NS6D42008 10PK NS4D40006 NS6D22006 NS4D24004BSPT (1/PK) NS4D17004 (1/PK) 1884300 NS4D42006 25PK NS4D17006 (1/PK) NS4D22004 NS4D10004BSPT NS4D17002 NS6D22008 (1/PK) NS6D24008 (1/PK)
MFLX31603-26EA 45.6 USD
MFLX31603-26 MFLX31603-23 MFLX31603-24 MFLX31603-29 MFLX31605-08 MFLX31603-27 MFLX31309-49 MFLX31309-46 MFLX31309-47 MFLX31603-40 MFLX31309-44 MFLX31603-22 MFLX31603-44 MFLX31309-43 MFLX31309-41 MFLX31309-44BLK MFLX31603-36 MFLX31603-34 MFLX31603-35 MFLX31309-41BLK MFLX31603-18 MFLX31603-19 MFLX31605-13 MFLX31603-32 MFLX31603-33 MFLX31603-31 MFLX31309-49BLK MFLX31309-43BLK MFLX31309-47BLK
CPC® Non-Spill Quick-Disconnect Fittings, Bodies and Inserts
Stop leaks in your line—spillage as low as 0,10 ml.

  • Non-spill design virtually eliminates spills, minimizes downtime and enhances operator safety
  • Easy one-hand operation

These CPC® non-spill quick-disconnect fittings virtually eliminate any loss of product with this leak-free design. Couplings are made of polypropylene with an EPDM O-ring for excellent chemical resistance. This non-spill series ensures minimal leaks and air inclusions in your process line—protects process purity and minimizes loss due to accidental disconnects. The NS4 and NS6 series non-spill couplings confirm secure engagement with an audible click.

The NS4 series offers a spillage rate of <0,1 ml. The NS6 series offers a spillage rate of <0,3 ml.

Choose one body and one insert, each from the same coupling series (NS4 or NS6) for a fitting that will work in multiple applications.
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