Hedland Spring-Loaded In-Line Flowmeters

Supplier: Hedland
H621-607 H621-616 H624-604 H624-610 H625-616 H625-607 H621-704 H625-610 H621-610 H621-628 H621-716 H624-607 H625-628 H624-616 H621-604 H625-604
MFLX03231-47EA 109 USD
MFLX03231-47 MFLX03231-03 MFLX03231-27 MFLX03231-07 MFLX03231-29 MFLX03231-09 MFLX03231-51 MFLX03231-61 MFLX03231-41 MFLX03231-33 MFLX03231-43 MFLX03231-21 MFLX03231-01 MFLX03231-23 MFLX03231-45 MFLX03231-67
Hedland Spring-Loaded In-Line Flowmeters
Flow Meters
Provide accurate readings while mounted in any position.

  • Rugged design resists shock and vibration
  • Control pumps or valves with an optional limit switch

These economical flowmeters are built with a spring-retained piston for direct, accurate readings regardless of the position you mount them. Use them to monitor hydraulic systems or chemical processes; the meters also work well to check pump and control valve performance.

Note: Polysulfone is not suited for direct contact with sunlight.

Considering limit switches? Use to provide an output signal at a setpoint anywhere between 0 to 100% of full-scale. Use to control small pumps, valves, or alarms or to interface with a PLC.
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