George Fischer Type 546 Ball Valves 42387

Supplier: GF Signet
161.546.343 175.546.334(TYPE-546) 175.546.332(TYPE-546) 161.546.341 161.546.344 161.546.342 163.546.351 163.546.353 163.546.352
MFLX01357-03EA 72.13 USD
MFLX01357-03 MFLX01357-05 MFLX01371-08 MFLX01374-94 MFLX01357-07 MFLX01371-09 MFLX01374-92 MFLX01357-01 MFLX01371-10
George Fischer Type 546 Ball Valves 42387
Valves Ball Valves
Optimize safety with this true union ball valve.

  • True union ball valve with added safety and functionality for a diverse range of applications
  • PTFE ball seat with high abrasion resistance
  • Built-in tool for easy adjustment of ball torque
  • Threaded mounting inserts for fixed-point attachment

Ball valves are designed primarily for on/off service. These valves contain a ball with a hole through it. A handle or electronic actuator rotates the ball 90 degrees, turning the flow on or off.
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