Masterflex® Sanitary Tri-Clamp® Screen Gaskets, EPDM, Avantor®

Supplier: Avantor Fluid Handling
42MPES050/20SS 40MPES150/10SS EA 40MPES200/100SS EA 42MPES075/60SS EA 40MPES100/20SS 40MPES150/40SS EA 40MPES200/60SS 42MPES050/100SS EA 40MPES150/20SS EA 42MPES050/60SS 40MPES150/100SS EA 42MPES050/40SS 40MPES100/60SS EA 40MPES150/60SS EA 42MPES075/20SS 40MPES200/20SS 40MPES100/100SS EA 42MPES075/40SS 40MPES100/40SS 40MPES100/10SS 40MPES200/40SS 40MPES200/10SS 42MPES075/100SS EA
MFLX30537-80EA 65 USD
MFLX30537-80 MFLX30537-26 MFLX30537-04 MFLX30537-48 MFLX30537-24 MFLX30537-46 MFLX30537-68 MFLX30537-08 MFLX30537-06 MFLX30537-28 MFLX30537-62 MFLX30537-40 MFLX30537-84 MFLX30537-60 MFLX30537-82 MFLX30537-88 MFLX30537-66 MFLX30537-22 MFLX30537-44 MFLX30537-20 MFLX30537-86 MFLX30537-64 MFLX30537-42
Masterflex® Sanitary Tri-Clamp® Screen Gaskets, EPDM, Avantor®
Seals Gaskets
Protect your pump, valves and other components in fluid line.

  • Pre-filter before critical membrane filters
  • Generate turbulence for enhanced mass or heat transfer
  • Purify in chromatography applications

Screen gaskets are designed to be interchangeable with standard sanitary clamp gaskets. Gaskets are available in platinum-cured silicone, Viton®, EPDM, PTFE, and Tuf-Steel in mesh sizes of 10, 20, 40, 60 and 100. Screen mesh is constructed of 316L SS. Gaskets meet USP Class VI, USDA, 3-A and cGMP criteria. FDA compliant. All gaskets are animal-derived ingredient free. Each gasket sold individually.

EPDM gaskets offer an economical solution to transfer water, acetones, and ketones. Gaskets are ideal in chemical process applications; temperature range is –65 to 212 °F (–54 to 100 °C).
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