Parker Hannifin Metal Industrial Ball Valves

Supplier: Parker Hannifin
XV500P-6 XV501SS-8 XV500P-12 XV502SS-6 XV501SS-4 XV502SS-12 XV502SS-4 XV501P-16 XV500P-16 XV501P-4 XV502SS-8 XV500P-8 XV500P-4 XV501P-12 XV501SS-12 XV502SS-16
MFLX30527-08EA 65.6 USD
MFLX30527-08 MFLX30528-08 MFLX30527-04 MFLX30527-26 MFLX30528-04 MFLX30527-06 MFLX30527-28 MFLX30528-06 MFLX30529-06 MFLX30527-00 MFLX30529-04 MFLX30528-00 MFLX30527-02 MFLX30528-02 MFLX30529-00 MFLX30527-20
Parker Hannifin Metal Industrial Ball Valves
Valves Ball Valves
Don’t worry about leaks.

  • Full flow design ensures maximum operating efficiency
  • Blow-out proof stems

Speically-designed handle increases turning leverage and provides easy opening and closing. Brass valves are an ideal choice for use in water and air service lines. Stainless steel valves are ideal for use in corrosive environments such as chemical plants, refineries, and steel mills.
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