Chemfluor® PFA Transfer Pump Tubing

Supplier: ChemFluor
TSPF35-0437-031 TSPF35-0875-062 TSPF35-0312-031 TSPF35-0125-031-50 TSPF35-0250-031 TSPF35-0625-062 TSPF35-0375-062 TSPF35-0500-031 TSPF35-0250-047-50 TSPF35-0187-031 TSPF35-0500-062 TSPF35-0750-062 TSPF35-0250-062
MFLX96005-28EA 1261.6 USD
MFLX96005-28 MFLX96005-18 MFLX96005-08 MFLX96005-52 MFLX96005-30 MFLX96005-02 MFLX96005-14 MFLX96005-36 MFLX96005-26 MFLX96005-20 MFLX96005-10 MFLX96005-44 MFLX96005-12
Chemfluor® PFA Transfer Pump Tubing
Tubing Transfer Tubing
Meets the demands of various industries.

  • Ideal for general-purpose, single-use, and extended fluid path applications

Applications:Pharmaceutical processes, cable covering, electrical applications.
Characteristics:Excellent temperature range, chemically inert, tough, flexible, low friction coefficient, Ozone-, UV-, and stress and crack resistant. Translucent.
Certification:FDA compliant. Meets USP Class VI requirements.
Temperature range:–320 to 500 °F (–195 to 260 °C).
Sterilize:With autoclave, ethylene oxide, or use dry heat.
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