Centrifugal Multi-Purpose Separator/Extractor Weirs

Supplier: CINC
02W1.025B-2 02W0.850B-2 02W1.075B-2 02W0.925B-2 02W1.050B-2 02W1.000B-2 02W1.100B-2 02W0.950B-2 02W0.900B-2 02W1.175B-2 02W1.125B-2 02W0.975B-2 02W0.825B-2 02W0.875B-2 02W1.150B-2
MFLX17315-18EA 30.5 USD
MFLX17315-18 MFLX17315-19 MFLX17315-16 MFLX17315-17 MFLX17315-14 MFLX17315-15 MFLX17315-12 MFLX17315-23 MFLX17315-13 MFLX17315-24 MFLX17315-21 MFLX17315-10 MFLX17315-11 MFLX17315-22 MFLX17315-20
Centrifugal Multi-Purpose Separator/Extractor Weirs
Pumps Centrifugal Separators
Mix, react, and/or separate liquid-liquid mixtures in a single device.

  • Highly flexible design operates effectively under changing inlet concentrations, variable flow rates, and flow disruptions
  • Interchangeable weirs allow for broad applications in research, pilot plant, or production operations

Weirs are available in various diameters. Use the large diameter weirs in applications with high-viscosity liquids.
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