Warren Rupp Air-Powered Double-Diaphragm Polypropylene Pumps

Supplier: Warren Rupp
PB 1/4 TT4PP S05B2P1TPNS000 SO5B2P2TPNS000 PB 1/4 TS4PP. S07B1P2PPNS000. S07B1P1PPNS000.
MFLX74000-13EA 1248.3 USD
MFLX74000-13 MFLX74000-72 MFLX74000-70 MFLX74000-00 MFLX74000-11 MFLX74000-42
Warren Rupp Air-Powered Double-Diaphragm Polypropylene Pumps
Pumps Positive Displacement Pumps
Move fluids with viscosities up to 11,000 cp.

  • Air-powered motor eliminates sparking concerns associate with electrical pumps
  • Bolted pump design allows easy access to pump head for maintenance and maintains seal after repeated servicing
  • Non-metallic pumps are ideally suited for highly corrosive fluids intermittent/on-demand, portable low abrasive fluids, and suspended solids
  • Safely handles abrasive fluids and slurries — ideal for high-viscosity and shear sensitive materials
  • Encapsulated muffler provides excellent sound dampening

These pumps can move high-viscosity fluids such as paint, sludge, and sewage. However, flow rate and pressure depends on the application. If you have questions about the compatibility of your high-viscosity fluid, call our Application Specialists for more information.

Order air filters/regulators to remove impurities from your air line and to help regulate working pressure. Combination air filter/regulators feature polypropylene filter, 0- to 160-psi gauge, and a polycarbonate bowl. Temperature range is 0 to 125 °F (17 to 51 °C).
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