FMI Valveless Piston Pump Heads, Series Q

Supplier: FMI
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FMI Valveless Piston Pump Heads, Series Q
Pumps Pump Heads Piston Pump Heads
No valves to clog or wear out.

  • Build your own pump systems using interchangeable heads, drives, and accessories
  • Pump fluids with viscosities up to 500 cp
  • Low dead volume

These FMI Series Q valveless piston pump heads give you options to handle a wide range of fluids at pressures up to 100 psi. The interchangeable pump head modules provide numerous flow and material combinations for optimal versatility. Choose from a combination of ceramic, PVDF, carbon, and stainless steel wetted materials for an inert and corrosion resistant fluid path, ideal for your specific application. These materials offer broad fluid compatibility for dependable long-life operation.

To connect the stainless steel pump head module to 1/4" tubing please use adapter 07104-81. To connect to 3/8" ID tubing, please select adapter 07104-83. These are sold in quantities of one and one will normally need to have two to complete their system.
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