GF Signet Installation Tee Fittings, CPVC/PVC 80

Supplier: GF Signet
MCPV8T005F MCPV8T012F PV8T040 MPV8T020 MPV8T007F MPV8T005F MCPV8T010F MPV8T010F PV8T030 MVP8T015F MPV8T012F MCPV8T015F PV8T025
MFLX05620-29EA 420.7 USD
MFLX05620-29 MFLX05620-27 MFLX05620-28 MFLX05620-21 MFLX05620-22 MFLX05620-33 MFLX05620-31 MFLX05620-25 MFLX05620-26 MFLX05620-34 MFLX05620-23 MFLX05620-24 MFLX05620-35
GF Signet Installation Tee Fittings, CPVC/PVC 80
Flow Meters
Easily install your flowmeters.

  • Constructed of durable CPVC/PVC 80

PVC Tee Fittings for PVC 80 pipes up to 4" in diameter and CPVC 80 pipes up to 1 1/2" in diameter. Slip on ends (no threads) sensors.
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