Masterflex® Panel-Mount Direct-Reading Variable-Area Flowmeters, 65-mm Scale, Avantor®

Supplier: Avantor Fluid Handling
PMR1-010834 PMR1-010861 PMR1-010840 PMR1-010859 PMR1-010855 PMR1-010819 PMR1-010811 PMR1-010857 PMR1-010831 PMR1-010816 PMR1-010815 PMR1-010868 PMR1-010826 PMR1-010846 PMR1-010835 PMR1-010858 PMR1-010817 PMR1-010849 PMR1-010866 PMR1-010812 PMR1-010839 PMR1-010852 PMR1-010860 PMR1-010818 PMR1-010813 PMR1-010824 PMR1-010853 PMR1-010837 PMR1-010854 PMR1-010856 PMR1-010820 PMR1-010865 PMR1-010832 PMR1-010814
MFLX32012-31EA 266 USD
MFLX32012-31 MFLX32012-01 MFLX32011-33 MFLX32012-03 MFLX32010-01 MFLX32011-13 MFLX32012-05 MFLX32010-03 MFLX32012-07 MFLX32011-16 MFLX32012-29 MFLX32011-17 MFLX32010-05 MFLX32012-09 MFLX32010-07 MFLX32010-09 MFLX32011-31 MFLX32010-31 MFLX32012-11 MFLX32011-01 MFLX32010-11 MFLX32012-35 MFLX32012-13 MFLX32010-35 MFLX32010-13 MFLX32012-16 MFLX32011-03 MFLX32012-15 MFLX32010-15 MFLX32012-17 MFLX32010-16 MFLX32011-07 MFLX32010-17 MFLX32011-09
Masterflex® Panel-Mount Direct-Reading Variable-Area Flowmeters, 65-mm Scale, Avantor®
Flow Meters
No more eye strain - front shield magnifies scale 16 percent for easier readings.

  • Direct-reading flowmeters feature a calibrated scale for a specific medium—no need to convert readings to get flow rate
  • Scale will not wear off—made of fused ceramic for durability
  • Ensure accurate readings - vertical tangential locator with hairline accuracies
  • Aluminum fittings are economical and good for general use with noncorrosive gases and liquid
  • 316 Stainless Steel (SS) fittings withstand higher temperatures and pressures, and features excellent chemical compatibility

This full range of direct-reading flowmeters provide a robust solution for your laboratory that eliminates the need for reading conversions. Valved flowmeters have a valve mounted at the inlet (bottom) of the flowmeter. This arrangement is typically used for positive pressure applications for liquids and gases. The valve can be reconfigured to mount at the outlet (top), often for vacuum applications.

Delivery information: Includes 150-mesh inlet screen.
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