Masterflex® Plastic Ball Valves, Two-way Right Angle, Avantor®

Supplier: Avantor Fluid Handling
PVC-657-6F6CJG-B PVC-657-6M6B-B PVC-657-4M4CJ-B PVC-657-6M6CJG-E PVC-657-6M6CJ-B PVC-657-6M6CJ-E PVC-657-6M6B-E PVC-657-6M6F-B PVC-657-4F4F-E PVC-657-4F4CJ-E PVC-657-4M4CJG-B PVC-657-6F6CJ-E PVC-657-4M4F-E PVC-657-4F4B-E PVC-657-4F4B-B PVC-657-4M4B-B PVC-657-6M6CJG-B PVC-657-4F4F-B PVC-657-4F4CJG-B PVC-657-4M4F-B PVC-657-4F4CJG-E PVC-657-4M4B-E PVC-657-4M4CJG-E PVC-657-6F6F-E PVC-657-4M4CJ-E PVC-657-6M6F-E PVC-657-6F6SMC-E
MFLX01378-64EA 18.41 USD
MFLX01378-64 MFLX01378-66 MFLX01378-60 MFLX01379-30 MFLX01379-28 MFLX01378-56 MFLX01379-24 MFLX01379-27 MFLX01378-58 MFLX01378-52 MFLX01378-74 MFLX01379-20 MFLX01379-23 MFLX01378-76 MFLX01378-54 MFLX01379-22 MFLX01378-70 MFLX01378-50 MFLX01378-72 MFLX01379-18 MFLX01379-17 MFLX01379-19 MFLX01378-68 MFLX01378-46 MFLX01378-48 MFLX01379-16 MFLX01379-15
Masterflex® Plastic Ball Valves, Two-way Right Angle, Avantor®
Valves Ball Valves
Nonmetallic wetted parts ideal for water and mild aqueous solutions.

  • Maximum pressure: 125 psi (8.6 bar)
  • Maximum temperature: 140 °F (60 °C)

Ball valves are designed primarily for on/off service.
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