Masterflex® Correlated Variable-Area Flowmeters, 150-mm Scale, Avantor®

Supplier: Avantor Fluid Handling
P13/1-N034-39G P03/1-N042-15ST P03/1-N082-03ST T53/1-N082-03G T53/1-N102-05S P03/1-N032-41ST T53/1-N034-39G T53/1-N112-02S P13/1-N042-15ST P03/1-N092-04G P23/1-N062-01ST P03/1-N112-02ST P13/1-N092-04ST T53/1-N062-01G T53/1-N042-15S P03/1-N034-39ST P13/1-N042-15G T53/1-N112-02G T53/1-N092-04G P23/1-N062-01G P03/1-N082-03G P23/1-N102-05G P13/1-N032-41G P13/1-N102-05G P03/1-N092-04ST P13/1-N092-04G P03/1-N062-01ST P03/1-N034-39G P13/1-N102-05ST P23/1-N082-03G P13/1-N082-03ST P23/1-N112-02G P13/1-N034-39ST P13/1-N112-02G P03/1-N112-02G P03/1-N102-05G P23/1-N082-03ST P23/1-N112-02ST P23/1-N102-05ST P03/1-N102-05ST P23/1-N032-41ST P13/1-N082-03G P23/1-N092-04ST P03/1-N062-01G P03/1-N042-15G P23/1-N034-39ST P23/1-N042-15ST P23/1-N092-04G T53/1-N034-39S T53/1-N102-05G
MFLX03267-02EA 195 USD
MFLX03267-02 MFLX03269-27 MFLX03269-25 MFLX03267-00 MFLX03269-68 MFLX03269-23 MFLX03269-66 MFLX03267-08 MFLX03267-09 MFLX03267-06 MFLX03269-76 MFLX03269-31 MFLX03269-74 MFLX03267-50 MFLX03269-72 MFLX03269-70 MFLX03267-15 MFLX03267-16 MFLX03267-57 MFLX03269-78 MFLX03267-17 MFLX03267-18 MFLX03267-62 MFLX03269-80 MFLX03267-26 MFLX03269-07 MFLX03267-24 MFLX03267-22 MFLX03269-03 MFLX03267-67 MFLX03267-20 MFLX03267-65 MFLX03269-09 MFLX03267-28 MFLX03269-54 MFLX03267-30 MFLX03269-52 MFLX03267-72 MFLX03269-50 MFLX03269-18 MFLX03269-17 MFLX03269-16 MFLX03269-15 MFLX03267-77 MFLX03269-19 MFLX03269-21 MFLX03267-85 MFLX03267-82 MFLX03269-62 MFLX03267-80
Masterflex® Correlated Variable-Area Flowmeters, 150-mm Scale, Avantor®
Flow Meters
Don’t sacrifice suitability for precision.

  • Correlated flowmeters feature a generic scale—reference flow curves calibrated to a variety of media, temperatures and pressures to get the flow rate│Use with a variety of media for laboratory and industrial applications

Aluminum is economical and good for general use with noncorrosive gases and liquids. Brass is economical and good for use with water. Stainless steel withstands higher temperature and pressure and features excellent chemical compatibility. PTFE has the best chemical compatibility.
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