Masterflex® L/S® MasterSense™ Pump Systems

Supplier: Avantor Fluid Handling
77920-50 77920-52 77976-00-CH 77920-50 77976-02-AU 77976-10-DK 77976-00-IT 77920-40 77920-50 77976-02-DK 77920-40 77976-10 77976-00-IN 77976-12-CH 77976-00-AU 77976-02-EU 77920-42 77920-42 77920-40 77920-52 77920-50 77920-52 77920-52 77920-42 77920-40 77976-10-IN 77920-50 77976-02-CH 77920-42 77920-42 77976-10-UK 77920-42 77976-02-UK 77976-12-UK 77920-50 77976-00 77976-02-IT 77920-42 77976-02 77920-40 77976-00-IL 77976-10-CH 77920-40 77976-00-EU 77920-52 77920-52 77920-50 77920-52 77976-12-IN 77920-40 77920-40 77976-10-AU 77976-10-IT 77976-10-IL 77976-12-DK 77920-40 77976-02-IN 77920-50 77976-12-AU 77920-52 77920-42 77976-02-IL 77920-40 77976-00-UK 77976-12-IT 77976-12 77976-12-IL 77976-10-EU 77976-12-EU 77920-50 77920-42 77976-00-DK 77920-52 77920-52
MFLX77976-12-AUEA 8230 USD
MFLX77976-12-AU MFLX77920-40-EU MFLX77976-02-IT MFLX77976-12-EU MFLX77920-40-IT MFLX77920-52 MFLX77920-50 MFLX77976-02-IL MFLX77976-02-IN MFLX77920-40-AU MFLX77976-00-CH MFLX77920-52-DK MFLX77920-50-IT MFLX77920-50-EU MFLX77920-50-AU MFLX77976-10-DK MFLX77920-42-DK MFLX77976-02-UK MFLX77976-02-DK MFLX77920-42 MFLX77920-50-IL MFLX77920-40-UK MFLX77920-40 MFLX77920-52-CH MFLX77920-50-IN MFLX77976-10-UK MFLX77976-00-AU MFLX77976-12-CH MFLX77976-10-IL MFLX77976-00-EU MFLX77976-10-IT MFLX77920-42-CH MFLX77976-10-IN MFLX77920-40-IL MFLX77920-40-IN MFLX77920-50-UK MFLX77920-42-EU MFLX77976-00-IL MFLX77976-10-EU MFLX77976-00-IT MFLX77920-50-DK MFLX77920-42-AU MFLX77976-10-AU MFLX77976-02-CH MFLX77976-00-IN MFLX77920-52-IT MFLX77920-40-USS MFLX77920-52-EU MFLX77920-40-DK MFLX77920-52-AU MFLX77976-02 MFLX77976-00 MFLX77920-52-USS MFLX77976-00-UK MFLX77976-12-DK MFLX77920-52-IN MFLX77920-52-IL MFLX77976-00-DK MFLX77920-50-CH MFLX77976-12-UK MFLX77920-42-UK MFLX77976-12-IN MFLX77920-42-IL MFLX77976-12-IL MFLX77920-52-UK MFLX77976-02-EU MFLX77920-42-IT MFLX77976-12-IT MFLX77920-42-IN MFLX77976-10-CH MFLX77976-12 MFLX77976-02-AU MFLX77976-10 MFLX77920-40-CH
Masterflex® L/S® MasterSense™ Pump Systems
Pumps Peristaltic Pumps
Complete pump systems for accurate fluid delivery with an intuitive touch-screen interface.

  • Precise, repeatable performance that is quick and easy to set up and program
  • 5'' (12.7 cm) capacitive TFT/RGB touch screen for crisp resolution and a wide viewing angle
  • Pump lets you save and retrieve commonly used dispense programs for rapid set up
  • Over-the-air firmware updates let you take full advantage of improvements in drive features and functionality
  • Options for connectivity and monitoring include MasterflexLive, EtherNet/IP™, Profibus, or analog signal
  • Three-level user access gives you the option of controlling who can operate the pump and at what level
  • Continuous run, volume dispense, and time dispense modes -- batch control and interval/off time in Volume and Time modes
  • Real-time pressure sensing and alarms increase process reliability and frees up operator time

These Masterflex® L/S® MasterSense™ drives feature high precision, repeatable flow control, and reliable performance, you can have it all in one small footprint even more bench space. Open-head sensor technology stops the drive motor when pump head is opened, or connect it to a remote leak detector to stop the pump anytime a leak is detected in the fluid path.

Brushless, maintenance-free motor provides ±0.1% speed control accuracy with 6000:1 turndown ratio. Bidirectional flow and self-priming capabilities allow for smooth, seamless operation.

Pressure sensor integration feature brings single point pressure values to the pump interface in real time. Provide extra reliability to your process by configuring high/low set point alarms. Alarm can be set to trigger either a warning and/or pump shut off. Order required accessories for simple plug and play functionality: choose the MasterSense MP1 adaptor kit for single-use applications, the MasterSense MP30 reusable pressure transducers for repeat use.

MasterflexLive® is a secure, cloud-enabled platform for monitoring Masterflex pumps; get real-time notifications of pump parameters including speed, flow rate, dispense volume, and more. You can monitor critical processes running 24/7 without the need for onsite personnel while notifications alert you to operating conditions and error messages. Internet connection via Wi-Fi or standard Ethernet (RJ45) jack on rear of drive.

Ordering information: Each model includes a country specific plug/cord set; choose the catalog number with desired country plug type. All units include an IEC 320 socket with a detachable standard US three prong power cable. See country plug description

Delivery information: Includes drive, pump head, tubing, and 1.8 m (6 ft.) line cord with IEC 320/CEE22 socket. These models are shipped with country specific plug/cord set; please order the specific catalog number with the desired plug type.
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