Masterflex® Union Fittings, Hose Barb, Straight, Polypropylene, Avantor®

Supplier: Avantor Fluid Handling
C0-6PP(10 PACK) C0-2.5PP(10 PACK) 227285 C0-8PP-MF C0-2-200PP-MF C0-8-AGPP C0-4PP(10 PACK) 227245 C0-1.5-200PP(10 PACK) C0-1.5HDPE(10 PACK) C0-8PP(10 PACK) C0-6-AGPP C0-2-200PP C0-3PP(10 PACK) 227255 C0-16-AGPP 227255 227275 C0-4-AGPP C0-12PP 50/PK C0-1.5-200PP(100 PACK) CAC15-PR0 227245 C0-6PP 100/PK C0-16PP-MF SHM 114 P 5 PK CAC18-PR0 C0-6PP-MF C0-16PP(50/PK) C0-1-200PP-MF C0-12PP(5 PACK) C0-1-200PP(100 PACK) C0-1-200AGPP 227235 C0-6PP(100 PACK) C0-12PP-MF C0-8PP 100/PK C0-4PP-MF C0-5PP 100/PK C0-10PP(10 PACK) C0-10PP-MF C0-16PP(5 PACK) 227285 C0-5PP(10 PACK) C0-5-AGPP C0-2-200AGPP 227265 C0-4PP 100/PK C0-3PP-MF 227235 C0-3-AGPP 227275 CAC66-PR0 227265 SHM 200 P 5 PK C0-1-200PP(10 PACK)
MFLX40622-52EA 29.1 USD
MFLX40622-52 MFLX40622-57 MFLX06365-22 MFLX40640-00 MFLX06288-10 MFLX40640-01 MFLX40640-02 MFLX40640-03 MFLX06288-50 MFLX30612-51 MFLX30612-55 MFLX30612-59 MFLX06368-07 MFLX31407-02 MFLX06368-05 MFLX06368-06 MFLX31407-00 MFLX06368-03 MFLX06368-04 MFLX06365-11 MFLX40640-05 MFLX40640-06 MFLX06288-20 MFLX06368-90 MFLX06288-60 MFLX40612-43 MFLX30612-63 MFLX40612-47 MFLX30612-67 MFLX30612-71 MFLX30612-75 MFLX06288-30 MFLX50626-46 MFLX30601-03 MFLX30622-44 MFLX30601-02 MFLX30601-01 MFLX50622-46 MFLX06365-33 MFLX30601-00 MFLX16368-02 MFLX50626-49 MFLX16368-01 MFLX30601-05 MFLX50622-49 MFLX51518-05 MFLX30601-04 MFLX06288-40 MFLX40610-01 MFLX40610-02 MFLX40610-00 MFLX40610-05 MFLX40610-06 MFLX40610-03 MFLX40625-91 MFLX40610-04
Masterflex® Union Fittings, Hose Barb, Straight, Polypropylene, Avantor®
Fittings and Connectors
Quick and easy assembly without tools.

  • Genuine Masterflex® tubing undergoes robust testing to provide optimal performance/pump life hours with peristaltic pump equipment
  • Precision extruded to tight tolerances for high repeatability, accuracy, and reproducibility
  • Global market leader in range of formulations for most extensive chemical compatibility
  • Single-use custom lengths and configurations available to minimize downtime
  • Regulatory Approvals to match your unique application
  • Ultra smooth inner surface results in fewer extractables

These economical straight barbed fittings easily connect fluid paths without the use of tools. Just slip your flexible tubing or hose onto the barb to create a secure seal.
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