Masterflex® Correlated Variable Area Flowmeters, PTFE Housing, 65-mm Scale, Avantor®

Supplier: Avantor Fluid Handling
T54/6-N014-96S T53/6-013-88G T54/6-013-88G T54/6-N013-88S T54/6-054-17G T54/6-N023-92S T51/6-N014-96G T51/6-N013-88G T51/6-N052-01G T51/6-N032-15S T53/6-052-01G T53/6-N032-15S T54/6-N042-07S T54/6-N022-13S T51/6-N013-88S T51/6-N012-10G T54/6-N052-01S T51/6-N042-07S T511/6-012-10S T54/6-032-15G T51/6-N054-17G T51/6-N022-13G T54/6-014-96G T54/6-012-10G T54/6-N032-15S T53/6-N013-88S T53/6-N012-10S T51/6-N064-63G T54/6-052-01G T54/6-N012-10S T51/6-N052-01S T51/6-N064-63S T53/6-014-96G T54/6-022-13G T51/6-N032-15G
MFLX03216-77EA 324 USD
MFLX03216-77 MFLX32044-62 MFLX03216-55 MFLX03216-75 MFLX03216-52 MFLX03266-77 MFLX03266-55 MFLX32044-80 MFLX03216-50 MFLX32044-82 MFLX03216-70 MFLX03266-82 MFLX32044-77 MFLX32044-55 MFLX03266-80 MFLX32044-57 MFLX32044-50 MFLX03216-67 MFLX03216-87 MFLX03266-67 MFLX03216-65 MFLX32044-52 MFLX03216-85 MFLX03266-65 MFLX32044-90 MFLX03216-62 MFLX32044-70 MFLX03216-60 MFLX03216-82 MFLX03216-80 MFLX32044-65 MFLX32044-87 MFLX32044-88 MFLX32044-67 MFLX03216-57
Masterflex® Correlated Variable Area Flowmeters, PTFE Housing, 65-mm Scale, Avantor®
Flow Meters
Designed for high-purity applications with flexibility for a broad array of gases.

  • Correlated flowmeters feature a generic scale—reference flow curves calibrated to a variety of media, temperatures and pressures to get the flow rate│Use with a variety of media for laboratory and industrial applications

The substitution of metal fittings with PTFE eliminates a potential contamination source for high-purity applications. The glass tube utilizes a fused ceramic scale for a precise, permanent measuring guide. In addition, a vertical-tangential locator line provides readings with hairline accuracy. Further improving readability is a front shield that magnifies the scale 16%. An anodized aluminum frame protects the heavy-walled glass flowtube; a white acrylic backplate protects and enhances viewing in the protective frame.

Select a flowmeter with a valve for flow rate control. The standard valve is suitable where high resolution metering is not essential. The high precision valve features a fine-adjust 16-turn “non-rising stem” to more accurately set your desired flow rate.

All flowmeters come with correlation data sheets for water and numerous gases (listed below) at standard temperature and pressure (STP).
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