Masterflex® Correlated Variable-Area Flowmeters with Valve, 65-mm Scale, Avantor®

Supplier: Avantor Fluid Handling
P14/6-N042-07G P24/6-N052-01G P14/6-N042-07ST P14/6-N0365G P24/6-N012-10ST P04/6-N042-07ST P24/6-N022-13ST P24/6-N013-88ST P14/6-N012-10G P24/6-N054-17G P14/6-N012-10ST P04/6-N023-92G PO4/6-N052-01ST P14/6-052-01ST P04/6-N0365G P04/6-N054-17G P24/6-N032-15G P04/6-N022-13ST P14/6-N054-17ST P14/6-N023-92G P14/6-N022-13G P04/6-N013-88G P14/6-N023-92ST P14/6-N013-88G P04/6-N013-88ST P24/6-N042-07ST P24/6-N012-10G P24/6-N023-92ST P24/6-N032-15ST P24/6-N013-88G P04/6-N042-07G P24/6-N054-17ST GF-8341-1501 P04/6-N023-92ST P14/6-N032-15G P04/6-N014-96G GF-8321-1401 P04/6-N022-13G P24/6-N022-13G P24/6-N014-96ST P14/6-N032-15ST PO4/6-N052-01G P14/6-N0365ST P04/6-N032-15ST P24/6-N014-96G P24/6-N0365G P04/6-N0365ST P24/6-N052-01ST P14/6-N052-01G P14/6-N014-96G P04/6-N012-10ST P14/6-N022-13ST P04/6-N012-10G P24/6-N0365ST P04/6-N014-96ST P24/6-N042-07G P24/6-N023-92G P04/6-N054-17ST P04/6-N032-15G
MFLX03293-16EA 191 USD
MFLX03293-16 MFLX03216-12 MFLX03293-17 MFLX03293-14 MFLX03216-10 MFLX03293-15 MFLX03293-12 MFLX03293-10 MFLX03216-08 MFLX03216-06 MFLX03218-01 MFLX03216-04 MFLX03293-18 MFLX03216-02 MFLX03218-03 MFLX03218-05 MFLX03216-00 MFLX03293-06 MFLX03218-07 MFLX03293-04 MFLX03293-02 MFLX03218-09 MFLX03293-00 MFLX03218-11 MFLX03218-13 MFLX03293-08 MFLX03218-15 MFLX03216-34 MFLX03218-16 MFLX03216-32 MFLX03218-17 MFLX03218-18 MFLX03293-34 MFLX03218-19 MFLX03216-30 MFLX03218-21 MFLX03216-28 MFLX03218-23 MFLX03216-26 MFLX03216-24 MFLX03218-25 MFLX03216-22 MFLX03293-28 MFLX03218-27 MFLX03216-20 MFLX03293-26 MFLX03218-29 MFLX03293-24 MFLX03293-20 MFLX03216-18 MFLX03218-31 MFLX03216-17 MFLX03218-33 MFLX03216-16 MFLX03216-15 MFLX03218-35 MFLX03216-14
Masterflex® Correlated Variable-Area Flowmeters with Valve, 65-mm Scale, Avantor®
Flow Meters
Read more easily with 16% magnification of scale.

  • Correlated flowmeters feature a generic scale—reference flow curves calibrated to a variety of media, temperatures and pressures to get the flow rate│Use with a variety of media for laboratory and industrial applications

Each flowmeter consists of a heavy-walled glass flowtube mounted in a frame with white acrylic back plate (1/8" thick). Aluminum Flowmeters are economical and good for general use with noncorrosive gases and liquids. Brass Flowmeters are economical and good for use with water. 316 Stainless Steel Flowmeters feature excellent chemical compatibility.

Select a flowmeter with a high-resolution valve for superior flow rate control—ideal for low-flow applications or for any application where you need precise flow control. All flowmeters come with correlation data sheets for water and air at standard temperature and pressure (STP). We can also supply calibration data for oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, CO2, argon, other liquids and gases, and for conditions other than STP — call our Application Specialists for more information.
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