Masterflex® Self-Priming Micro Pumps, Avantor®

Supplier: Avantor Fluid Handling
130SP2440-1TP 130SP1240-1TP 130SP2430-1TP 130SP1220-1TP 130SP1230-1TP 120SP2430-4EE 120SP2420-4EE 120SP1250-4EE 120SP2440-4EE 150SP12250-4EE 130SP2420-1TP 150SP12100-4EE 120SP1220-4EE 150SP24250-4EE 120SP1230-4EE 120SP2450-4EE
MFLX73120-32EA 1034.23 USD
MFLX73120-32 MFLX73120-10 MFLX73120-22 MFLX73120-30 MFLX73120-20 MFLX73120-64 MFLX73120-50 MFLX73120-40 MFLX73120-62 MFLX73120-38 MFLX73120-16 MFLX73120-36 MFLX73120-14 MFLX73120-34 MFLX73120-12 MFLX73120-24
Masterflex® Self-Priming Micro Pumps, Avantor®
Pumps Positive Displacement Pumps
Accurate volumetric dispensing of 4 microliters to 250 microliters.

  • Positive shut with pressures less than 3 psi
  • High cycle life - up to 20 million dispense cycles
  • Low power consumption

These pumps are factory set for discrete outputs ranging from 4ìl to 250ìl. The pumps can be cycled at up to 2.0 Hz for the 73120-1* and -2* series of pumps. All the while the pump can maintain a high level of accuracy with a deviation from set-point being less than 1%.

The pumps are self-priming. Intially, the suction created by the larger pumps is sufficient to pull liquids from an unpressurized container located up to four feet below the. Once primed, the pump is able to maintain around 5 psi pressure.

Long life (3,000 hours) is built into each pump with a guarantee for up to 20 million actuations.
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