Masterflex® Adhesive-Coated Microscope Slides, Avantor®

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Masterflex® Adhesive-Coated Microscope Slides, Avantor®
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Don't let your samples slip away.

  • Adhesive coatings fix cells and tissues to slides for hybridization and other staining techniques
  • Extensive quality control methods ensure each batch performs optimally
  • Coating formulations are effective without interfering with staining

Use these adhesive-coated microscope slides when sample adhesion is critical for proper staining and reliable results.

A. Gelatin is the most common adhesive coating used in histology, ideal for simple stains.

B. Poly-l-lysine is a stickier coating for more advanced immunostaining, but may result in precipitation during staining by silver impregnation methods.

C. Silane offers superior adhesion, perfect for applications requiring antigen retrieval, and resists bleaching and enzymatic predigestion.

D. Hybridization slides feature an adhesive coating that withstands organic solvents and a variety of temperatures, best suited to in situ hybridization applications.
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