Masterflex® Adapter Fittings, SanitaryTri-Clamp to Hose Barb, Straight, Avantor®

Supplier: Avantor Fluid Handling
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MFLX31200-47EA 106 USD
MFLX31200-47 MFLX31200-46 MFLX31200-49 MFLX31200-48 MFLX40618-31 MFLX40618-30 MFLX40618-37 MFLX40618-36 MFLX40618-39 MFLX40618-38 MFLX40618-33 MFLX40618-11 MFLX40618-32 MFLX40618-10 MFLX40618-35 MFLX40618-34 MFLX40618-12 MFLX31200-54 MFLX31200-53 MFLX31200-56 MFLX31200-55 MFLX31200-52 MFLX31200-51 MFLX31200-39 MFLX31200-58 MFLX31200-57 MFLX31200-38 MFLX31200-59 MFLX31200-37 MFLX40618-04 MFLX40618-03 MFLX40618-05 MFLX40618-00 MFLX40618-02 MFLX40618-01 MFLX31200-43 MFLX31200-42 MFLX31200-45 MFLX31200-44 MFLX40618-08 MFLX31200-61 MFLX31200-41 MFLX40618-09
Masterflex® Adapter Fittings, SanitaryTri-Clamp to Hose Barb, Straight, Avantor®
Fittings and Connectors
Maintain sanitary conditions.

  • Ideal for general-purpose and single-use applications, to connect tubing with rest of system
  • Determine which connector type is needed for your application by contacting free technical application assistance*
  • Global market leader in range of materials for most extensive chemical compatibility
  • Single-use custom configuration solutions to minimize downtime
  • Regulatory approvals to match your unique application
  • Unique packaging options include individuals, packs, and kits for customer-friendly ordering and delivery
  • Meet requirements for USP Class VI, FDA, REACH, and California Proposition 65
  • Surface finishes to 15 micron minimizes adhesion or entrapment
  • Packaged to exacting tolerances under ISO Class 7 cleanroom conditions
  • Compatible with other Tri-Clamp® connections

The sanitary Tri-Clamp barbed adapters are ideal for use in the biopharmaceutical, food and beverage, and single-use disposable industries. The fittings are made from animal-derived ingredient-free and phthalate-free polypropylene (PP) and PVDF. They have excellent chemical resistance and may be sterilized by gamma irradiation, EtO, E-beam, or autoclave. The PVDF fittings withstand higher temperatures than the PP fittings and offer extremely low surface tension for lower protein and lipid binding.
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