Lawesson's reagent 99%

Supplier: Thermo Scientific Chemicals

Synonyms: 2,4-Bis(4-methoxyphenyl)-1,3-dithia-2,4-diphosphetane 2,4-Disulphide2,4-Bis(4-methoxyphenyl)-2,4-dithioxo-1,3,2,4- dithiadiphosphetane2,4-Bis(4-methoxyphenyl)-1,3-dithia-2,4-diphosphetane 2,4-Disulfide

21089-0250 21089-5000 21089-1000
TS21089-1000EA 136.48 USD
TS21089-1000 TS21089-5000 TS21089-0250
Lawesson's reagent 99%
Lawesson's reagent
Formula: C₁₄H₁₄O₂P₂S₄
MW: 404.45 g/mol
Melting Pt: 228…231 °C
Storage Temperature: Ambient
MDL Number: MFCD00005171
CAS Number: 19172-47-5
UN: 3134
ADR: 4.3,II

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Specification Test Results

Appearance Light yellow to beige Powder
Infrared spectrum Conforms
Melting point 220 to 226 °C
Titration with NaOH ≥98.5 %

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