Bathophenanthrolinedisulfonic acid disodium salt hydrate 98%

Supplier: Thermo Scientific Chemicals

Synonyms: 4,7-Diphenyl-1,10-phenanthrolinedisulfonic acid disodium salt hydrate4,7-Diphenyl-1,10-phenanthrolinedisulphonic acid disodium salt hydrate

16405-0010 16405-0050
TS16405-0050EA 450.9 USD
TS16405-0050 TS16405-0010
Bathophenanthrolinedisulfonic acid disodium salt hydrate 98%
Bathophenanthrolinedisulphonic acid disodium salt hydrate
Formula: C₂₄H₁₄N₂Na₂O₆S₂·H₂O
Melting Pt: >300 °C
Storage Temperature: Ambient
MDL Number: MFCD00149310
CAS Number: 52746-49-3
EINECS: 258-152-0

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Specification Test Results

Appearance White to beige to pink Powder
Infrared spectrum Conforms
Water 2 to 6 % (K.F.)
UV Lambda max 276 to 284 nm (in water)
Specific extinction E (1%/1cm) ≥710 (at lambda max)
Titration with HClO4 97.5 to 102.5 % (on dry substance)

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