Ultra Low Temperature Freezers, –86 °C, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific
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76535-070EA 20466.82 USD
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Ultra Low Temperature Freezers, –86 °C, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Freezers Ultra Low Temperature Freezers
Dependable –86 °C storage, powered by H-drive for operational savings and sustainability.

  • Low energy
  • Low peak variation
  • Fast recovery times after door opening
  • Long warm up time
  • Water blown VIP insulation
  • USB data download capability
  • Choice of 4 sizes

Designed to keep your samples safe. Limit environmental impact as units have Green hydrocarbon refrigerants, are user friendly and quiet.

Certifications: All models are SNAP Compliant with ACT Label. FA/FD are general purpose models, LA/LD are FDA Class II models.
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