Rat ERa Reporter Assay System, INDIGO Biosciences

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Rat ERa Reporter Assay System, INDIGO Biosciences
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All-inclusive cell-based luciferase reporter assay kit targeting the Rat Estrogen Receptor Alpha, a key receptor in Autoimmine, Cancer, Endocrine, and Fertility research.

  • Clear, reproducible results
  • Freezer to data in 24 hours
  • All-inclusive assay systems
  • Exceptional cell viability post-thaw
  • Consistent results lot to lot

INDIGO's Rat Estrogen Receptor Alpha (rERα) assay kit is an all-inclusive firefly luciferase reporter assay system that includes in addition to rERα Reporter Cells, two optimized media for use during cell culture and (optionally) in diluting the test samples, a reference agonist, Luciferase Detection Reagent, a cell culture-ready assay plate, and a detailed protocol.

rERα Reporter Cells are prepared using INDIGO’s proprietary CryoMite™ process. This cryo-preservation method yields high cell viability post-thaw, and provides the convenience of immediately dispensing healthy, division-competent reporter cells into assay plates. There is no need for intermediate spin-and-wash steps, viability determinations, or cell titer adjustments.

INDIGO’s assay kits feature a luciferase detection reagent specially formulated to provide stable light emission between 5 and 90+ minutes after initiating the luciferase reaction. Incorporating a 5-minute reaction-rest period ensures that light emission profiles attain maximal stability, thereby allowing assay plates to be processed in batch. By doing so, the signal output from all sample wells, from one plate to the next, may be directly compared within an experimental set.

Ordering information: Kits are all-inclusive assay systems featuring live cells.

Delivery information: Kits are shipped via overnight delivery on dry ice. Due to extreme temperature-sensitivity of the live cells, kits must be stored at −80 °C. Do not store in liquid nitrogen.
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