Labnet BioFree™ Pipette Tips, Labnet International

Supplier: Labnet International
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490012-396CS 669.75 USD
490012-396 490012-394
Labnet BioFree™ Pipette Tips, Labnet International
Pipette Tips
Labnet BioFree™ pipette Tips are designed to fit a wide variety of single- and multi-channel pipettors. Flexible walls and a series of internal sealing rings ensure a secure fit and minimal forces to eject pipette tips.

  • Crystal clear, high quality polypropylene
  • Exceptional accuracy and precision
  • Univeral fit
  • RNase, DNase and Pyrogen safe
  • Perfect for Labnet pipettors

Labnet BioFree™ pipette Tips are manufactured from high quality, FDA compliant polypropylene in a clean room environment. Diamond polished, stainless steel molds produce a tip with exceptionally smooth surfaces and extreme accuracy. During the manufacturing process, each lot of tips is tested for accuracy and precision. Tips are also carefully inspected for uniformity and manufacturing irregularities. Certified RNase, DNase, and Pyrogen safe.

To ensure successful steam sterilization of your pipette tips, please adhere to the following guidelines:

Autoclave all pipette tips at 121 °C for 15 minutes, 15 psi/1 atm
Do not use a dry cycle, as this may cause deformation or weakening of the plastic
Allow temperature within the autoclave to return to at least 80 °C before removing the product

Excessive exposure to autoclaving heat may cause warping or decreased structural integrity. Do not exceed autoclaving recommendations.
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