BioSart® 100 Monitors, Sartorius

Supplier: Sartorius

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76500-710PK 146.2 USD
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BioSart® 100 Monitors, Sartorius
Filters Membrane Filter Units
BioSart® 100 monitors have been specifically designed for the detection and enumeration of microorganisms in beverages, water, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods and other liquids. These sterile devices with PS housing and incorporated membrane filter and cellulose pad are ready to use.

  • High flow rate and total throughput
  • Without any hydrophobic adhesive areas
  • High flow membranes allow shorter filtration times due to 30% higher flow rates
  • Funnel with 10 ml graduations
  • 6.5×1.5 mm outlet

After filtration of the sample, just add selected BioSart® media ampoule to the monitor and remove then the 100 ml funnel to convert the monitor into a petri dish eliminating the need for membrane manipulation.

These units are designed to be placed onto the bases of a vacuum manifold, eliminating the cleaning and sterilization required of reusable funnels.

Certifications: Certified according to the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001. Lot certificates for recovery rate, sterility and specifications.

Packaging: 48 units per box. 3 different packaging types available:
- Single sterile packed: 12 single sterile monitors in 1 tray, 1 box includes 4 of these trays. Suitable for more critical applications like in the Pharma industry.
- Sterile packed in one tray: 12 monitors sterile packed in 1 tray, 1 box includes 4 of these trays.
- Sterile bulk packed in one box: 48 sterile monitors without extra packaging in 2 layers in 1 box, the box is wrapped in a thin foil. Suitable for less critical applications.
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