Collagen Bio Tubes (CBT), Viscofan Bioengineering

Supplier: Viscofan Bioengineering

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Collagen Bio Tubes (CBT), Viscofan Bioengineering
Cell Culture Media
Biocompatible bovine collagen tubes for cell culture and implantable R&D projects.

  • Cells can grow inside and outside the tubes
  • Tubes from highly purified collagen type I
  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Tissue engineering scaffold
  • Histological analysis

The Collagen Bio Tubes (CBT) can be used for the growth and differentiation of various cell types, representing an in-vivo-like collagen for use in bioreactors or conventional cell culture-treated well plates. The CBT allow the combination with additional matrix molecules and/or growth factors. They are best suited for cultivation of adherent primary cells, stem cells and cell lines, where cells can grow inside and outside the tubes. Also allowing directed differentiation, they represent an excellent scaffold for complex tissues and tissue engineering. Additionally, the high mechanical strength of the CBT permits the easy and sterile translocation of the intact cell-scaffold complex e.g for transplantation experiments or histological analyses.

Passaging for cell passaging or preparation of cell suspensions (e.g. for flow cytometry) standard detachment procedures can be used to detach adherent cells from the CBT. Implantation CBT exhibit excellent biocompatibility in vivo. In various experiments resorption was observed several weeks post implantation, depending on the target organ, without notable immunoreaction.

The CBT exhibit a very low autofluorescence which makes them applicable for fluorescent imaging of cultured cells. The cells can be fixed and the staining procedure can be carried out directly on the cell seeded tube. Histological analysis fixation of cells on the CBT can be performed by all standard fixation protocols like e.g. paraformaldehyde, buffered formaldehyde, glutardialdehyde, acetone or methanol. The CBT can be frozen or embedded in paraffin or epoxy resins (e.g. EPON) and sliced with a cryostat or microtome, respectively. The CBT is also suitable for electron microscopic investigations. Metabolic analysis of cells with colorimetric methods cell viability and growth of cells on and in the CBT can be monitored by colorimetric methods (tetrazolium based salts) according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Certifications: ISO 9001
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